Waiting Confidently

November 14

Psalm 27:14

 Wait for and confidently expect the LordBe strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for and confidently expect the Lord.

Patience is a virtue, and waiting on the Lord is an act that brings us great victory. God is good. He is merciful and mighty, able to do all things. He has our best interest at heart more than anyone else, and if we remain in Him and trust in Him we will be blown away. Waiting on the Lord should come easy for us because we all have tasted and seen that He is Lord. We all at one point in time have seen the power of God at work. For this reason, waiting should not be difficult for us simply because we know the Lord we are serving.
In our waiting, however, we must learn to be expectant of Him. Confidently expect of His goodness and favor in our lives. What most of us often do is wait patiently but in doubt. We sit quietly and look to Him, but all the while knowing good and well we do not trust Him to do what we have laid at His feet. Our period of waiting should come with a sense of confidence and expectancy. Confidence in the fact that you are in the hands of the creator of the heavens and earth. The one whose name alone breaks and builds.
We must be hopeful and take heart, knowing that the Lord is on our side. This day, be encouraged to go back and grab hold of your faith and confidence in God wherever you left it. It is useless to wait on Him in doubt, so grab hold of your confidence and expectancy and offer Him a sacrifice of praise even as you confidently wait on Him.
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