Daily dose

Sister Flo’s daily inspiration has taught me that discipline and consistency is possible! The daily words of encouragement always seem to come at the right time! It’s been a blessing and I know it’ll be the same for you!

Doreen A.


Florence’s daily scripture is my daily dose of God when I forget to read my word. Sometimes I’ll be growing through something and the scripture gives me confirmation about what I should do. Some people tell me that it gets them through the day. When they scripture doesn’t come I’m wondering “is she ok”? It’s a daily motivator when I’m not feeling motivated.

Hilda D.

A blessing…..

Florence’s daily scriptures have helped me in being consistent with reading my word! It is a reminder to seek God everyday and ask him what he wants you to do that day. Even if I’ve had a busy day being able to read her daily scriptures gives me the opportunity to spend time with God and fellowship with him, it separates me from the chaos of the world even if only for a moment and allows me to gain the Lord’s perspective on life!

Titi T.

I’ve been receiving……

I’ve been receiving daily devotionals from Florence for about 3 years now and I can honestly say that’s it is a huge blessing. One thing I Love about is, not only is there a scripture provided but also a reflection as well. Another thing I Love Love Love Love is the fact that it’s not automated or robotic. It’s genuinely Florence Osei and I promise you at the end she always makes me smile😂 having this is a true blessing and I know itll be a blessing to others as well❤️

Priscilla G.

The daily inspirations….

The daily inspirations have been a blessing! It is always a timely word and full of encouragement. It’s amazing because sometimes I’ll be thinking about a situation or something has just happened and then as soon as I read the devotion, it will literally speak to that situation. I see it as a confirmation from God and I am so grateful that He has used Florence to bring forth words of encouragement through His word daily. It reminds me that God is always working through His people and when they avail themselves he uses them to bring forth His word into people’s lives. I literally remember the first time I got a daily inspiration message when I was in 10th grade and I am so grateful that the devotions are still so consistent up to this day. I know God will continue to reveal great things through these daily inspirations and many souls will be blessed and saved!

Nana Yaa

Daily texts….

Florence’s daily text messages have blessed me in different ways. One particularly being that whenever I would receive her message it would deal with something that I was working on in my spiritual walk with the Lord. There were times that Flo would send out the text and the day prior to that message my campus pastor spoke on that same verse.
Not only did it help my spiritual walk, but it showed me how loving Florence is in that she would take time out of her day just to remind me of God’s love. All in all, these daily text messages are truly a great blessing and I highly suggest that you subscribe today!


Remember to show…..

“Remember to show the love of God everywhere you go because you might be the only Christ that someone sees.”
My daily dose of encouragement! The daily devotions Flo sends is probably the most consistent thing I encounter daily in my walk. It’s a real blessing to have someone so committed to sending a devotion every day! Even when I fail to read my Word, I’m still winning since I always come across Flo’s daily inspirations. Thank you, Flo, for your commitment and I just want to encourage you not to stop. It indeed is inspiring and I pray many more people will be touched through these devotions. God continue to bless you and grace you to be the vessel of honor He has called you to be!



Florence’s devotionals are like God-breathed, divinely inspired even. Honestly. I know people have been saying it constantly but her words of faith and encouragement do pertain to whatever the situation maybe when I read it. She’s truly fulfilling the great commission by providing the Word at my and every other person, whether a believer or nonbeliever’s fingertips.  She never misses a day. Whether it’s 11:59 pm on Monday, she’ll send it to every one of her contacts before Tuesday. I praise God for her devotionals and this gift that he’s given her to enrich lives, especially mine. God bless.


For the past few….

For the past few years, I have received a biblical devotional from Florence in a consistent fashion. I’m not going to lie, at first, I would normally blow past them because, well, wisdom to God is foolishness to man. In other words, I had little interest in the readings. But as I grew in my walk, I began to take my time to read them and, wow. You know the cliche saying, “it’s the little things”? Although seemingly corny, it’s the saying proves true. When I allowed Holy Spirit to slow me down and read the devotionals, I found myself going, “wow, praise God”. The devotionals have encouraged, rebuked, corrected, and flat out educated me. A lot of devotionals will mainly focus on encouragement because apparently, no one wants to be the bearer of badness. (That’s a story for another day) but Flo allows herself to be used by God to speak on the entire of His truth. She pulls scriptures from the Old Testament, New Testament, the prophets, psalmists, disciples, and makes sure to remains within the bounds of God’s word. I’m thankful to be on her mailing list and look forward to the growth of this ministry that God has brought forth.

Salome Eno.

Being in college…..

Being in college can be quite stressful. The hustle and bustle of college life can take up your free time, at least it did for me, especially when I got into nursing school. But thankfully, the daily inspirations that my wonderful and beautiful friend sent was more than helpful. I thank God for her and her life! The daily inspirations really helped keep me on track. No matter what was going on at any point in my day, reading the crafted words of encouragement and reading what the Bible had to say really motivated me throughout the day and kept me sane. Her daily devotions really gave me a time to meditate and reflect. It’s a strong boost that I receive throughout my day. Especially on the busy days where I’m in the hospital all day, her daily inspirations keep me going, and the Holy Spirit even ends up giving me a quick slap when needed! I truly thank God for Flo and for allowing herself to be used in so many lives! It’s an amazing thing that she’s doing and I pray that her impact continues to spread💕

Mira Sam

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