What Are You Giving

October 17 2021

Mark 8:37

“Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

We live in an adulterous world. A world filled with sin and wickedness. A world that is dark and full of destruction. But in this world we the sons and daughters of God have been given as light to shine in the midst of darkness. No matter how much darkness there is, even a single ray of light can still shine through and stand out. 

But as sons and daughters of God, are we giving in to the darkness or are we remaining as the light. Are we keeping our soul by walking the path of righteousness or are we exchanging our souls for the sin and pleasures of this world. What are you giving in exchange for your soul? Is it pornography, is it masturbation, fornication, lies, deceptions, envy, greed, strife, and the like. Are you so engulfed in your flesh that you are willing to throw away your soul? If you follow the desires of your flesh it will only lead to death and destruction. 

So again ask yourself what are you giving in exchange for your soul? Is it pleasure that only last a moment? Do not throw your soul away for the things of this world because everything you see is passing away. No matter what comes your way do not exchange your soul for the pleasure of life because if you do you will lose your life without even knowing, and surely there will come a time when it will be too late. So decide today whether you’ll choose light which is Christ or if you will choose darkness which is the pleasures of this world. 

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