Being in college…..

Being in college can be quite stressful. The hustle and bustle of college life can take up your free time, at least it did for me, especially when I got into nursing school. But thankfully, the daily inspirations that my wonderful and beautiful friend sent was more than helpful. I thank God for her and her life! The daily inspirations really helped keep me on track. No matter what was going on at any point in my day, reading the crafted words of encouragement and reading what the Bible had to say really motivated me throughout the day and kept me sane. Her daily devotions really gave me a time to meditate and reflect. It’s a strong boost that I receive throughout my day. Especially on the busy days where I’m in the hospital all day, her daily inspirations keep me going, and the Holy Spirit even ends up giving me a quick slap when needed! I truly thank God for Flo and for allowing herself to be used in so many lives! It’s an amazing thing that she’s doing and I pray that her impact continues to spreadūüíē

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