November 13

Job 29:13

“I helped those without hope, and they blessed me. And I caused the widows’ hearts to sing for joy.”

How often do you stop, take a breath and identify a soul whom you can bless? How many times has your life brought about hope to those around you? And how many times has your presence alone been able to encourage someone who was otherwise discouraged? So many of us are always on the move. We are so busy that we do not know what to do with ourselves. We all stress ourselves with all the burdens and the struggles of this life. We get so overwhelmed that we miss every opportunity we have to be a blessing and to others.

We each have the capacity through Christ to bring hope to those who are hopeless and lights to those who see nothing but darkness. However, we cannot do this until the moment we take a second to be still. A second to be still and allow the Lord to minister unto us. To bring our attention to that guy, or that girl who is struggling with depression. To that woman who just needs someone to tell them that they’re doing great at motherhood. To that child without a father who needs to hear that the Lord Jesus loves them and that He is and will always be a good Father.

This takes stillness, it takes intentionality it takes grace and the strength of the living God. Let us lay aside our business which is inevitable in this life that we’re in. Let us listen in, tune our spirit in to the Holy Ghost and hear what He has to say. See who He wants us to approach and what He wants us to do. It is not always about us, so for once let us lay ourselves aside and hear the silent cry of those surrounding us.

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