August 22

2 Samuel 22:29 NIV “You, Lord, are my lamp; the Lord turns my darkness into light.”

The Lord Himself is light. Wherever and whatever He is found in there is light. No amount of darkness can dare to stand before the Lord. Where God is present where His spirit is present darkness is absent because the light always prevails.

God is able to do everything He has ever said He’ll do. He’s the light that can bring life to everything and everyone. If you allow God to indeed be your light you will see that Light will begin to appear in every area and in every situation of your life. He has all the power to bring light into every situation of your life. Allow God to go before you in all your ways. Allow Him to be a light onto your path because if He’s your light and your guide you will never stumble. Allow Him to shine before you, in you, through you, and for you and you’ll never be the same. Remain in Him and He will lead you. Whatever situation life may bring your way however dark and vile it may be thank you, Jesus, know that as long as God is present he would turn that darkness into light. He will turn your night into morning and your sorrows to Joy. Allow Him and He will illuminate your life.

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