August 21

Proverbs 23:17

Don’t envy sinners, but always continue to fear the LORD .

When you do not understand freedom you begin to long for bondage. When you cannot comprehend what it means to be free you begin to envy the sin that the world indulges in. Envy brings destruction and if we are not careful we will ruin our own lives with our own hands simply because of envy. We ought not to envy sinners because sinners are in bondage to the flesh and it’s doing. Those who are in sin are in denial and believe that they have the best of life but little do they know they are digging a grave for themselves. Do not envy anyone but surely do not envy the world. Do not long for the things that cause others to fall.

Secondly do not envy those in the body of Christ. We must understand that envy is envy regardless of its context. God has given us the freedom to live and walk in. Let us be free in Him. Let us long for Him and not anything or anyone else. Do not fall because of the possession of another man.

God created you as you to fulfill certain things that you can fulfill. Do not look unto anyone else in envy. In envying anyone you throw your freedom away and begin to live as a slave to that particular thing or person. Understand that freedom is liberating. It is peace. To envy the world and the sin that it encompasses is to lack revelation of true freedom. Ask God this day for a revelation of true freedom and begin to walk in it.

It is one thing to be free and another thing to walk in freedom, therefore let us all WALK in freedom and fear the Most High.

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