Heart Of Riches

August 20

Hosea 10:1
“But the richer the people get, the more pagan altars they build. The more beautiful their harvests, the more beautiful their sacred pillars.”

We are all only stewards for what we are given. Whether material or non matatrial. However one of the material thing that often causes us to t slip and fall is money. We sometimes forget that even our riches(money) is a blessing from God. It is not something meant to draw you away from Him but rather something meant to bring you in close. Yes, God desires to bless us but He does not desire for the blessings He gives us to take our hearts away from Him. Whatever the Lord has bless us with whether material or gift and talent wise let us make it a point to honor Him with it. Let us strive to be a blessing to everyone by giving unto them. Do not allow the gifts and riches He gives you the opportunity to steal your heart away from Him. It is all about relationships with Him, and where our hearts stand with Him.

Do not be blinded by your riches. Do not build altars before God with what He has blessed you with. Check your heart and evaluate yourself in view of your riches and determine where your heart really lies. The more He Bless you the more you honor not drift away.

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