November 1

Luke 18:1

“Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.”

It’s very easy to throw in the towel whenever life gets tough. When life begin to take an unexpected turn the easiest decisions to make is to give up. In other cases it is to stop praying in assumptions that God has given up and us is no longer concerned with your affairs. That is exactly what the enemy wants. He wants you to lose hope at the first sight of difficulty. He wants you to loose faith in your God the moment life turns. However we are not here to give the enemy what he wants. We are not here to give in to his schemes and his deceptions. 

When life becomes difficult, that’s the time we have to hold on tight to our faith. When everything seems to go sideways that is the time we ought to press in. That’s the time we ought to go deeper and farther in God. It is the time we ought to pray like we have never prayed before. The truth is when things aren’t going well it is very easy to loose sight and to stop hoping and praying. For this reason it is imperative to not give up. It is important that we don’t loose focus of what matters most. Whatever life is throwing at you, even in this moment take it and keep moving. Take is and pray harder now than you have before. No matter what do not give up. PRAY, for prayer is what brings change and solutions. Pray, pray and pray again. 

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