November 26

Psalm 116:1

I love the LORD because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. 

Contrary to popular belief the Lord actually hears you. He is not deaf, or spiteful, or wicked as some would like to think of Him. He is a compassionate Father, who hears the call and the cry of every single son and daughter. We all at some point have wondered why God isn’t listening to us and why He isn’t answering our call. The reality is most often we don’t call unto Him. We play the He’s supposed to be all knowing card, so We don’t really have to tell Him everything. What we do is instead of confessing and confiding in Him, we confess and confide in everyone in our inner circle, including the co-worker we met 3 days ago, who has no business with our life. 

The Lords ears are always open and eager to listen, but, have you ever thought to yourself, maybe He hasn’t been listening to you because you actually haven’t taken the time to talk to Him. Maybe He cannot answer you’re cry because you are crying to the wind and to strangers but not once have you cried to Him. God is always available, even right now that you may have a bit of doubt in your heart. He is always there. Stop sharing your issues with people who can care less of your growth and people who are secretly rooting for your downfall. The Lord listens when we call upon Him, so put a stop to the habit of calling on everything in this universe and begin a habit of calling the one who created the universe and it’s inhabitants. 

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