March 8   

To rest in Lord is one of the most peaceful places you can ever find yourself. God knows us more than we know ourselves, and He knows when we need His rest. However, we sometimes take it upon ourselves to be removed from that place of rest so that we can fulfill all the duties we have given ourselves. (Some which are very unnecessary) We need to put ourselves in a place where we become responsive to His call of rest and that will only happen when we completely depend on Him and acknowledge that it is in His strength that we can do all the things we are faced with.

If you are having a difficult day it’s ok to ask for the comfort and peace of God and He will surely guide you to serenity. Acknowledge that divine peace come from Him and He’s the only one who can give it freely to us. Sometimes we just need to soak up His calmness and bask in His goodness. Slow down a bit and take your rest in that meadow God has provided unto you. Relax, lay your head and all your burdens upon Him and just revel in His rest and His majesty. You are not a robot, God knows that and you too should know that.

You are not meant to be a superhero every second of the day, so even if you feel that the entire world around you will come crashing if you lay that weight down at the feet of God, do it anyway. Do not ignore those calls that He gives you to rest because He knows the journey ahead and He knows what you need and the very moment you need it. Trust Him and Rest in Him

Psalms 23:2

“He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams.”

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