Leave It All In His Hands

March 30

Indeed life will be much easier if we learned to stay in our place rather than trying to compete with God for a greater position in our lives. And if we kept in mind that it is in the hands of God that every life belongs. Imagine how great your life will be if you gave everything over to God? Imagine what you can accomplish if you surrender all to God and walked in the paths He has laid out for you? If you allowed Him to be King and you the son and daughter you are meant to be. Many times the things we suffer for are the things we have taken into our own hands. We run into unnecessary troubles because we think we are the god of our own lives be therefore we can do as we please.

One of the gravest mistakes we make is that we forget that our lives are not our own and we cannot be ruler over it. We seem to forget that we must allow God to increase and become greater in every area of our lives as we decrease. If we cannot allow God to reign in His rightful position in our lives then we will always find ourselves playing tag with misery. Our heavenly father knows what’s best for us more than we do for ourselves. Rather than trying to take over His position in our own lives or perhaps even give it to others, let us relax and do what we ought to do as best as we can and allow Him to be God. You must also realize that allowing God to be God in your life doesn’t mean you sit and do nothing because you have a responsibility to accomplish. It just means you must allow Him to reign in every aspect even in the areas you don’t think you might need Him. 

Do not revert to a state of laziness simply because you have been asked to let God have His rightful place in your life. Even in giving everything over to Him you must remain diligent, effective, and hardworking. Do not use that as an excuse to become a lazy body. Allow Him to rule even as you fulfill the purpose He has laid for you.

Job 12:10

“In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.”


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