God Increases

June 25

John 3:30

He [Jesus] must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.

The only way any of us can truly be successful in this life is for us to keep God in the center of everything we do, even on a day to day basis. The way to do that is for God to increase steadily in our lives as we decrease. There cannot be two rulers in any particular place. One must lead as one follows.  So it is with our lives, one has to lead as the other follows. As it stands the only way things will really work out is if the Master (God) is in control.

You cannot do what He can do, so do not take your life into your own hands. Do not live your life outside of His will because the consequences of that are not pleasant. Typically it is natural for our focus to rest on our accomplishments, leaving us in a selfish state because everything becomes about us and nothing else.  If we truly want God to become greater as we become less we must decrease in every aspect and allow Him to shine. Make intentional efforts to elevate God in your life, even in your decision making and that will place Him where He needs to be in your life.

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