Do Not Be Greedy

August 24

Luke 12:15

Then Jesus said, “Beware! Guard against every kind of greed.  Life is not measured by how much you own.”

If you are not careful greed will take over you without you knowing it. These days we are so consumed with the things we want, and the things society tells us we should want that we forget ourselves. We are so lost in ourselves that we have now given control to the things around us. Greed is silent yet poisonous. It can have you suffocating and gasping for air.

Because greed is so difficult to identify in ourselves we tend to walk in it so long without noticing. However, it is so easy to pick it out in others. This is mostly because we often think highly of ourselves. We have to be conscious of ourselves and our action. We must take a moment and examine ourselves in every given moment to ensure we are not living in greed while in denial. We must think through our actions thoroughly and look at who loses with our gain.  We must ensure that our actions bring us closer to God and not further away from depending on Him.

Do not allow greed to silently evade your life without you knowing. Be vigilant and be satisfied with your honest gain.

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