June 19

Job 31:33

“Have I tried to hide my sins like other people do, concealing my guilt in my heart?”

What is usually our first response to sin after we have committed it? More than we would all like to admit our first response is usually to hide. When we commit sin A or B we immediately find every possible way to get it out of our memory or in some cases we just try to justify it. This behavior often puts us in a place of denial where we begin living and breathing in sin without even knowing.

Our first response to sin after committing it should always be a confession. We should immediately confess our sins to God and begin to repent once the deed is done. The honest truth is that concealing our sin will only push us deeper into it. The sin you committed did not catch God by surprise. It did not cause Him to fall off His throne.  Rather it caused Him to open His arms wide to forgive you and to cleanse you of your sins. Only if you desire it.

Do not hide your sins from Him or even yourself. Do not tuck it deep within your heart where you think no one can reach because God already knows it all. Identify your sin and pour it out before the Lord, that you may gain freedom and peace. For as long as you keep your sins hidden so long will you be in bondage and confusion.

Do not hide from God what He already knows. Open up every hidden can and allow Him to begin a healing in you.

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