November 6

Isaiah 40:18

“With whom, then, will you compare God? To what image will you liken him?”

There are many gods on this earth but there is only one God. He is the only living God. The true and glorious savior. He is like no other. He can be likened to no one. No image can be compared to Him. No god of this land no idol of this earth can rise and stand in the same place as our God. He is everlasting, and Mighty. 

Who can you compare Him to? He is the God that created all creation. He is the one who put life into you and the one who holds your life in His hand. He is the reason for your living. He is in absolute control of all which concerns you. He cannot be measured, nor can He be touched. This is the God you serve. One whose words are Ye and Amen. One who is faithful beyond human comprehension. He is God. There is no one on this earth underneath the earth, in the heavens, above the heavens, or anywhere on this earth or outside this earth that can be like Him. You are blessed to be chosen by Him. Being His child, and being loved by Him is an honor. You serve the King who is All in all. He alone is God and there is no one who can compare to Him. 

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