November 8

Psalm 27:3

“Though an army encamp against me, My heart will not fear; Though war arise against me, Even in this I am confident.”

There is an element of stability that comes with knowing God. When you are in God and you know your position you are not easily shaken. Only the one who truly knows their position knows how to react to the circumstances of this world. A stable believer knows that in the face of adversity, Jehovah is still Lord. A firm believer understands that no situation has the power to change who God is. Their decisions and their stance are not easily altered because they know and understand their place.

However, we cannot be stable in our position or confident in it if we do not have a relationship with the Lord. It is when we have a close relationship with God that we have confidence and faith. When there is a relationship established you are able to strongly believe and proclaim that your God is for you. You are able to declare to the troubles and issues of life, that though you may seem great my King is far greater and able.

We must spend time with the Lord. Build an unbreakable bond with Him, for it in Him alone that true confidence rises. You cannot be truly confident outside of God because He is the only one with the capacity of not failing or disappointing. So go deeper in God, push further and further. Build with Him and you will have that confidence and stability that is able to stand before any element of this world and this time.


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  1. Chantal says:

    The troubles that we face will definitely show us where we are with God! STABILITY is indispensable!
    Thanks Flo!

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