Acknowledge Him

January 15

Matthew 10:32

“Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.”

‭‭Do you remember that kid, whether in real life or in movies who always denied knowing their best friends in the presence of the “cool kids” because they did not want to be embarrassed or they did not want to be labeled as the lame kid? Well that kids represents a lot of Christians today, especially the we young Christians. We are caught in a world where we’re trying so hard to fit in, so much so that we sometimes throw away our values and our beliefs just to please the world. Some find themselves trying make Worldly things look and sound Godly just by adding God or Jesus to the beginning or the end of their sentences. We are so bent on being 100% God and 100% world. Here’s a rude awakening, that will NEVER happen. You cannot be sold out for God and sold out for the world as well. There has to be a decision and a distinction. 

For those of us who are busy denying Christ we must remember that there comes a time where Christ will also refuse to acknowledge you before God. God is not to be toyed with. You cannot pretend to be for Him when your heart is really for the world. It is impossible and unacceptable to have one feet in God and another in the world. Stop the madness of thinking simply because you have Jesus quotes here and there you are for Him. In order to be really for Christ you must deny everything else that is contrary to Him. Do not be foolish in selling yourself to the world while you have the power to make a decision, because a time will come in which you would wish you had done things differently but it will be too late. The time is now. Choose Christ and He will choose you. If you fail to put Him first you will regret it. 

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