Don’t Deceive Yourself

January 14

Psalm 66:18
If I had not confessed the sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened. 
Many of us Christians are in a place where we cannot hear God or sense His presence because we have engulfed ourselves in sin and we have deceived ourselves that we are right in all our ways. Some of us are actively living in sin on a day to day basis and we refuse to confess and let of that sin go because we belief we are justified in it. We are dabbling in sin and flirting with it every moment of our days and we wonder when we hit our beds at night why we haven’t been hearing God. Or we wait until we find ourselves in churches and places of fellowship where other Christians are pressing into the spirit and we wonder to ourselves why we are so far away. 
The reason we’re are so far away is because we have not confessed our sins. Some of us don’t see the need to confess our sins to God. Not only have we not confessed, we have made up our mind and our hearts not to repent. The sin in your heart is what is distancing you from God. It is that same sin that is keeping you stagnant in your faith. Do not deceive yourself thinking you can dwell in sin and bypass that sin whenever you want to reach God, only to return back to that thing when you have received what you wanted from God. You cannot mock God. The Lord is Holy and He cannot dwell in sin. Therefore if you want to come close to Him, and if you want Him to listen to you, abandon your sins and draw near. He is a good God and He will listen when you confess. 

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