January 13

Mattew 9:22 “Jesus turned around, and when he saw her he said, “Daughter, be encouraged! Your faith has made you well.” And the woman was healed at that moment.”‭‭

Faith is a currency needed in this walk that we have as Christians. Without faith we would not be Christians to begin with because it took having faith in the call that we received to accept Christ as our Savior. Although faith is needed in all that we do, it has become one of the things that we lay aside once we come into Christianity. We need to realize however that there is no way we can walk with the Lord if we do not have faith. In the absence of faith there is no leverage for us to keep moving in life. 

In addition to that, the level of your faith determines what and where you are able to get in life. Just like the woman in this scripture. She had no way of keeping up, or speaking up to get the attention of Christ in the midst of all those people. What separates her is that she had faith that even just a simple touch of his garment not his hands or his whole body but the hem of His clothes was enough to heal and deliver her and as her faith was so it was done unto her. This goes to show that without faith you cannot go anyway on this journey. Let your faith be as strong as it can possibly be.  Your faith can take you places your doubt can never in a lifetime dream of. Do not take your faith lightly. It is what you need to see God move in many ways and in many areas of your life. Do not be afraid of asking for grace when it comes to your faith, because it takes grace to walk in faith. 


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