January 16

Philippians 2:5

“You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.”

The sad truth is that some of us have very bad attitudes when it comes to Christianity and our walk as a whole. We have a particular idea in our heads and that’s how we believe things ought to be. Irrespective of how wrong we may be in our thinking some of us feel as though our thoughts and our ideas are the end all be all. For this reason we go about walking in deceit and in ignorance. There are others who have the attitudes of ME. If something doesn’t boost our ego or push our personal ideologies we either leave it or we try to destroy it with our mouths. 

Jesus had an attitude of love, mercy and much more. He allowed love to lead Him in all His ways. From healing, to teaching, to rebuking, He did it all in love. He had an attitude of mercy and by so doing He was able to reach those who were considered unworthy. He didn’t have an idea in His head that pushed Him to help those who were “worthy” rather it was an attitude that allowed Him to help any and everyone who needed Him. He did not close Himself from the world around Him who were in desperate need of Him. I encourage you that in your relationships and in your walk desire to have an attitude like Christ. One that draws people to the Kingdom of God. An attitude that is not selfish or self-seeking, but one that shows love and give glory to the living God. 

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