Not Merely Listening

January 17

Romans 2:13
For merely listening to the law doesn’t make us right with God. It is obeying the law that makes us right in his sight.  

It is very easy for anyone of us to go to church and hear what the preacher preaches and leave without being changed or without doing anything to better themselves. It is also easy to hear the words of God and his commands in godly settings without actually obeying. Listening to the word for the sake of listening is not merely enough. There is something that must be done once we have heard what is being spoken to us. 

As children of the Father there must be action that follows our listening. We must take the action of obeying. It is our responsibility to do what the Lord commands us to do. It is not our job to decide what makes sense and or not or what we feel God should ask of us, we have to simply obey. Listening alone will not make any difference in our lives. It’s is the action of obedience that begins to change us and alter the trajectory of our lives. You must apply the what you hear into your life. Do not make it a habit of listening just to feel good, you must put your knowledge to use because that is what matters the most. Make it a point to take all the things God has been telling you and put them to use. Be a person of action and you’ll begin to see change in your life. 

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