January 19

Psalm 150:6 “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.”‭‭

Let all things that have breath in their lungs give praise to the most High. The fishes in the seas, the animals that crawl, those that fly and those that linger praise Him because they know of His goodness. They praise Him because they know who He is. They praise Him because He is the one who provides for them and keeps them in all their ways. 

You humans who have a will also praise the Lord. For He has been good to you. He is the one who has provided for you. He is the reason for the breath you breathe and the life you are living. He is the reason for the provisions you have at your disposal. Praise Him with all that you are. Sing songs of honor and glory to His Holy name. Your very breath is due to Him so praise Him with all your heart. Praise Him with your Spirit and with your soul. Let all that is in you give glory to His holy name for He is worthy of it all. 

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