January 20

Luke 1:37“For nothing will be impossible with God.”

Have you taken notice of the world around you lately? The people in your immediate circle and and those in you close community. Have you noticed that within this group of people it is often the Christians who find it hard to believe? In  some cases those of us who are Christians are moved so easily. We’re very easily swayed when things do not work in our favor, and in some cases we’re found doubting. 

We often times believe that some things are just impossible. By so doing we have cultivated a habit of giving part of our trust to God and the other part we hold on to it ourselves because we believe somethings are just too much for God. Although not all people have this mindset, a very substantial number of individuals feel they can’t give all to God because some things are just impossible. Yes some things are impossible but not when God is a part of the equation. Impossibility is only a factor when there’s man and there’s an absence of God.  That’s where the difference comes in. The difference is that when God is involved no element of creation, whether it be a thing or a person, a situation or a circumstance has the ability of being impossible. As long as God is a part of something it will always be possible. This is what we need to realize, that nothing is impossible with God. He is the Yes and Amen. Live a life therefore that is proof of this truth. The truth of possibility, that all things are possible through Christ.  

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