You Are Not Allowed To Be Mediocre

January 28

Is excellence a daily practice or is it something you somewhat thrive to attain? Lately, it seems like most of us Christians live under a rock. We accept the minimal and we do not put in much to attain a higher level of success. We fail to realize that we must excel in the physical world just as we excel in the spiritual world. We cannot go to fellowships Monday through Friday and be failing in our classes because we fail to prioritize. Neither can we clothe ourselves with the work of evangelizing to others when we ourselves aren’t being fed. Likewise, we cannot put forth the bare minimum at our prospective jobs and complain about our bosses.

It is our duty to thrive in every area of this lives. We cannot be mediocre while the world takes the lead in everything. We ought to have serious and dedicated Christians in the place of influence. It is our duty to make sure we are positively influencing the world we’re in. We should have Christian Supreme Court Justices, Christian House, and Senate members, Christian national and renowned doctors whose signatures make a difference, Christian executives in every position and area whether in science, technology, accounting, human resource fields and many more.

As Christians, our footprint, which should ultimately be the print of Christ should be left in every area of the nation. We are not only meant to thrive in the spiritual realm; our responsibility holds a physical role as well. It is time we stopped using the work of the kingdom as an excuse for our laziness and mediocrity. We are not allowed to fail our classes and flunk out of school because of evangelism. Neither are we allowed to let our relationship and our families crumble because of ministry work. You and your family is your first ministry before anything else, and if your internal ministry is broken your external one is doomed as well. Do not use God’s work as an excuse for laziness. Take Daniel, for example. He showcased excellence in every area of His life. From his daily devotion to God and his consistency even in prayer to his meticulous interpretation of dreams, he made sure everything he did was in excellence.

Our God is excellent and everything that represents Him must stand for excellence as well. Therefore, if there’s any area in your life that you have given over to mediocrity snatch it back and fix it because you are not allowed to be mediocre.

Daniel 5:12 because an excellent spirit, knowledge, and understanding to interpret dreams, explain riddles, and solve problems were found in this Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar. Now let Daniel be called, and he will show the interpretation.”

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