Trust In Him

June 2

Psalm 125:1 NIV “Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever.”

Indeed those who trust in the Lord cannot be shaken. They are grounded in the rock which is Christ Jesus! Those that trust in Him are covered and protected. He is a shield and a strong tower for all those whose trust is planted in Him. For these people though the wind will billow, the storms will rage, the rain will flood, though things will turn upside down they will yet still remain because they are built on The Rock.

The Solid Rock is the one in whom we do not waver. Put your trust in the Lord and you will not be shaken. Put your faith in Him and you will not be moved. Trust in Him and you will surely be like Mount Zion, unshakable, immovable and unphased because you are in Christ Jesus the Living God!

Allow the Savior to speak for you. Allow Him to build you and make you immovable. Follow Him and heed his word and let trust lead you.

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