Trust In Him

March 2

Psalm 9:10 

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O LORD, do not abandon those who search for you. 

If you know the Lord you will trust Him. It’s not normal to know who the Lord is, the power He posses, the authority He has, the might He holds and still remain in doubt. When you know someone and what they can do, you never doubt them, even if the whole world is in doubt your faith still remains. Look at a child who trust that their father is a super hero and has the power to do everything they claims, that child will argue heaven and earth if someone challenges them about their father, because they know without a doubt that their father has all it takes. It’s very simple if you really know Him as you claim to know Him, then that trust comes with it.  In any normal circumstances you probably would not put your all in a complete stranger however you would put it in your mother or father or close friends and relative. Same applies with God He is not a stranger so do not treat Him as such by doubting Him. 

He does not and will not abandon those who search for Him. Look for Him,seek Him and allow yourself the opportunity to find Him. Search for the Lord’s will in your life. When you make yourself vulnerable and available for God to have control over your life, things changes. Give yourself to Him. He is not one to abandon. He is very faithful and just. Trust in Him and allow Him to work in your favor. 

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