The Name Jesus

March 21

John 16:24

You haven’t done this before. Ask using my name, and you will receive, and you will have abundant joy.

The most significant name you will ever know is the name of Jesus Christ. That is the most profound name that you will ever hear in your lifetime. There is so much power in the name of Jesus, more than we will probably ever know. The name of Jesus is one of our greatest weapons. The name is a refuge, it’s a weapon, it’s a banner, it’s a protective shield. That name is everything and can meet every need. When you are sick or well, rich or poor, joy-filled or sorrow-filled, high or low, whatever state or condition that you may find ourselves the name of Jesus is above it all. 

The name of Jesus can do exceedingly and abundantly. This is the name that can open doors and pave ways. His name is so great and so powerful. The beauty of it all is that God in His infinite mercy has given us this name. He has given us the mighty name, ‘Jesus Christ’  to use. We have the privilege to call on this name whenever we need. God provides us with the right to ask using the name of Jesus. To seek using His name.  God has given us the opportunity to tap into the power in the name of Christ. If there’s anything in your life that you need, feel free to ask in the name of Jesus. His word said ask using my name, and you receive. If you are in the will of God, you can have your request granted by Him. God wants us to ask Him the desires of our hearts so ask in His name. Do not hesitate to call on Him. The Lord is ever ready to hear you so call on His name and pour out your heart to Him.  

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