The Power To Quench Is In Your Hands

January 4

1 Thessalonians 5:19 “19 Do not quench the Spirit.” Whether we accept it or not the power to quench the Spirit is in our hands. We have all it takes to ensure that the Spirit of God within us is not quenched, but rather we ourselves quench the Spirit and blame it on the devil. The devil cannot make us do anything unless we relinquish that power to him. The sins we entangle ourselves with are the things that quench the Spirit in us. Secondly, living an unholy life is enough to quench the Spirit of the Lord. We must understand that every action and decision we make will either have a positive or negative impact on us. The music we listen to, the places we go, the lies we tell, the fornicating and coveting we do are all enough to quench the Spirit,

We cannot feed ourselves with all the filth and poison of this world and expect the fire in us to remain burning. To keep the fire of the Spirit burning we must first accept that we ourselves often deliberately quench the Spirit within us with our own hands. We cannot do anything to improve if we are in denial of the part we play in quenching the Spirit. Having said that we must first accept the reality of our parts. Once we have accepted the truth we must then strive to change our ways. We have to learn to live a life that will keep the fire of the Holy Spirit continuously burning within us.

The decision to either Keep the Spirit burning or quenched is in our hands, and we have to power to choose what we want to do. If you want to Keep the Spirit burning then live according to the Spirit but if you want to keep the Spirit quenched then live in accordance to the flesh. Be advised and know that even though the choice is yours, only one choice leads to life.



1 Thessalonians 5:19

19 Do not quench the Spirit.

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