Say Thank You

May 21

Psalm 92:1

It is good to give thanks to the LORD, to sing praises to the Most High. 

In all of your doing, remember the Lord. Remember to give Him thanks because He is the reason for your very breath. You did not wake up today simply because waking up is automatic, but you woke up today because God decided in His infinite mercy to give you life. Our greatest downfall as humans is our inability to give God glory, honor, and adoration irrespective of our lives and circumstances. Thanksgiving has become something we do on occasion when something goes right in our lives. Even though most of us find ourselves doing this repeatedly, it is absurd, because Thanksgiving should be a lifestyle that we live. 

God is good, and all things belong to him. It is ridiculous to praise Him only when things are going well in your life. Just as parents continue to love their child even when they misbehave, so we also have to praise our Lord when things don’t go our way. Learn to be someone who gives thanks to the lord every day they live to see. Let praises never leave your lips. Find your love song of praise to your father today and send it on to Him for the days to come. 

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