May 22

2 Peter 1:21“For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.”

We are in a day and age where everyone is seeking pleasure for their ears. A time where people want to hear something good, not caring about the origin or if what they are hearing is false or true. There are so many false prophets in our mist. Prophets who do not speak on account of the Holy Spirit, but instead on the accounts of their flesh. 

All things being equal prophets are servants of God. They are not of their own, and for this reason, they act and speak within the will of God. No true prophets of the Lord will talk about their account because they only prophesy what the Spirit gives them to say.

Today, however, our world is filled with false prophets who claim to be men and women of God. Many of us, because we lack discernment and knowledge from the Lord we fall prey to these false prophets. We take their words to heart and pride ourselves on being their followers. The hidden yet open truth is that we, as individuals have a considerable part to play in the type of influence placed on our lives. As Christians, the prophecies that we receive from people should be by the word of God. They should be prophecies the Lord has told us at some point in our lives. If someone tells you something, check back with God’s word, and with what He has spoken to you. Last but not least, God is the one you should always go back to, so if someone says one thing or the other into your life take it to God and let Him speak to you. 

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