May 20

Matthew 1:19

Joseph, her fiance, was a good man and did not want to disgrace her publicly, so he decided to break the engagement quietly. 

How many of us are eager to be available when it comes to showing mercy? Often we are quick to judge others when they find themselves in sticky situation. Far too often we take the role of judges and not sympathizers. When friends and families around us are going through different circumstances, whether they made a bad decision, or they are in a predicament that  is immoral etc. we have the tendency of judging them without knowing what’s really going on. In our personal lives we seek for grace and mercy from both God and man when we find ourselves displaced, yet we refuse to give this same mercy and grace that we seek. It is absolutely absurd to require from others what you are incapable of giving them. 

When you find a brother or a sister drowning or going down the wrong path it is your job to pull them out of that pit. You correct with love and offer help to get the person out of that pit, you do not rebuke and leave them to drown in their pit. You don’t have to expose those who come to you with their issues. Be discrete in the same way you would want others to be discrete with your business. Learn to help people without spreading and dragging peoples names in the dirt. Be filled with the love of God and offer help to all those who need it. Do not make anyone feel less than human for their mistakes or the mistakes of others that affect them. Show love and help wherever you can. 

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