September 21

Proverbs 12:16

A fool is quick-tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted.

Have you done a heart check lately? It is important that we take time out to check ourselves on a regular basis. Being quick-tempered and easily reactive is easy for anyone to do. But being self-controlled takes God’s grace. W often react to circumstances based on our emotions. If we are not Christlike we will be easily angered and irritated. We have to remain under the feet of God and allow God to prune us and work in us so we become like Christ. If we are Christ-like, we can live a self-controlled life.

If we are not self-controlled those that we love around us are those who will suffer. they suffer from our irritation and the wrath of our anger. We cannot afford to transfer our anger onto those that love us, because they do not deserve it. If we stay in tune with the Spirit of God the things that will annoy us on a daily basis will no longer have an effect on us. When we live from the abiding presence of God we will not live anyhow or react anyhow.

Be wise in the Lord. Do not be quick-tempered, or live life in an irritable state. The wise in the Lord stays in tune with Him and does not react to irrationally.

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