September 2o

Matthew 10:39

“If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.

How many of us at the drop of a coin will give everything over to God. How many of us half fallen in love so deeply with the world and what it carries that we are not willing to give it up for God. How many of us are willing to cling to God let go of any and everything that in tangles us. All the treasures of this earth and the pleasures of sin how many of us are willing to let it go and cling to God?

Our focus is important. It is where our hearts lie and what our minds a rest upon. To have treasures and possessions is not a sin but to be completely engulfed in it and to take your eyes off of the Lord putting all your heart and all your focus in what you possess surely is.

We cannot lose sight of what is important we cannot lose sight of our relationship with the Lord we cannot lose sight of our relationship with our children our parents our siblings we cannot lose sight of who we are as children of God and of what we stand for. We also cannot lose sight of the things the Lord has entrusted us with. It is crucial that we check our gays that we restructure our focus day in and day out.

When we lose sight of what matters most we lose everything and that is not a place that any of us should ever find ourselves.

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