Perfection. It’s A Daily Stride

March 3

Matthew 5:48  “But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.” God didn’t make a mistake when He called us to perfection. It is an element of life which He knows we can attain if we rest in Him and depend on Him. No one is excused from this perfection that God has called us to. I understand that none of us are perfect YET, in fact, we are far from perfect yet our father has called us to it. If we have been called to it then we can definitely live up to it with His grace.

We need to understand that perfection isn’t just an end goal that we are working towards but rather a journey we are taking. It’s is something that we must strive daily to achieve. It starts with the smallest thing in our life. We must seek God in everything we do and ask Him for grace to be Christ-like in every action and decision. Striving for perfection can be anything such as simply calling to check up on that family member you haven’t spoken to for years due to anger. It can simply be smiling and greeting that co-worker who always gives you the side eye. It can be you learning to forgive yourself and loving yourself. It has to start from somewhere.

There is no potion out there for anyone to take in order to gain this perfection we have been called to, neither is there a way for anyone to wake up one day perfected. As much as we all want to reach that place of perfection we must also learn to enjoy the process of it. God loves the process of our growth because He knows we are not robots. What is important is that you take a daily stride towards it and allow yourself to rest in the One who has called you to such a state. Plan to do at least one thing a day that will make you a better version of yourself and a wonderful representation of Christ. Remeber that the only Perfect one is Christ and He is the model of perfection we are striving to attain.

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