Pause And Plug In

March 14

Luke 5:16

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

In the busyness of time and day when do you stop to seek the Lord? Do you allocate any time throughout your day where you focus only on the Lord? It is interesting to see how Jesus walked with the Lord. Recognizing that even with all the power and might that He had, He always made sure He was spending time with the Lord and learning everything that the Lord had for Him. More and more we have all become so busy in life nowadays that we barely have any time for God. The ridiculous aspect of it all is that most of us are walking around half dead because we are not plugging into the Lord and taking from Him what we require to go through life. 

Prayer is communicating with the Lord, and it is the very substance that we need to live. Meaning it is essential that we follow the footsteps of Christ in it that we also remain in prayer. Jesus,  being God in the flesh,  always spent time in prayer, how much more us. We cannot go through our days running empty every day. We must refuel daily with every chance we get. The only way to make it through life is by connecting to God. Make time for Him because you will not get far without Him. Make time for Him not out of obligation, but out of love and relationship. Furthermore, if the Almighty Christ needed to refuel and connect to the Lord daily so do you. Stop giving in to the busyness of life and start making time for God and you will be glad you did. 

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