March 13

Jonah 1:12

““Pick me up and throw me into the sea,” he replied, “and it will become calm. I know that it is my fault that this great storm has come upon you.””

Have you ever wanted to run from the Lord and the assignment that He had for you do much so that you were willing to perish? This is the story of Jonah. This man was so bent on running from the Lord so much that even when the storm broke out he was rather willing to die than to find his way Nineva. Just imagine in the face of death, where he could suggest anything, such as turning the boat around and taking him to Nineva, he suggested the he gets thrown off the boat knowing very well that it will end his life. That was pure selfishness. Not caring or wanting to take the message of the Lord to His people and for that reason he rather die. 

This looks a lot like us in this generation. We have the gospel at our fingertips. We have the good news that can save lives and draw souls into the Kingdom of God, but most of us rather keep the word to ourselves. We rather walk around with the Word of God hidden deep in our pockets. Rather than opening our mouths and sharing we rather keep what is good, that which gives life, to ourselves in the most selfish manner. Why? Because we don’t want to be embarrassed, we don’t want to be known as so called Jesus freaks, or sometimes we just don’t want the association because it might put a strain on our reputation. It’s is absolutely absurd to have life in your hands yet watch someone suffocate to death because you just don’t want to reach out and give them what you hold in your hand. 

We have been given an assignment to go out and share the gospel, let us not be selfish by doing everything possible to escape from sharing it. Do not play with the idea of perishing just so you can escape the Lord. He is a mighty God and He is able to find us wherever we run to. Therefore stop running from the Lord, His work, and His people. Do what He has asked you to do, go where He has asked you to go, say what He has asked you to say, obey Him and be selfless with your life and your deeds. 

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