Divine Faithfulness

March 15

Jonah 1:17

“Now the Lord provided a huge fish to swallow Jonah, and Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.”

The faithfulness of the Lord is beyond what we can fathom as human beings. God is the epitome of faithfulness and it is absolutely beautiful to see that degree of faithfulness, where one changeth not irrespective of another persons action, words, deed etc.  Scripture is true when it says He cannot be unfaithful on account of our unfaithfulness because He cannot deny Himself. Only if we were able to tap into that faithfulness of the Lord , things would be different. 

God is and will always be faithful with or without you. This however does not give you the key to so whatever you want, but it does show us that even in our mistakes the Lord is God and He is good. It’s shows us the Romans 8 in its profession of the divine love of God is true to the very core.

I imagined how God could keep His word of not leaving nor forsaken me all the instances that I left and rejected Him, and every time I came to realize that His faithfulness was beyond me. It was the very word holding Him bound to Himself. It is most beautiful to see yourself in a mess and yet see God standing right next to you holding His arms out. Especially in a place where you cannot even look at yourself. 

This is an encouragement for us all. Look at Jonah, bringing about his own death, asking for death rather than asking to be taken where he could set things straight. Yet the Lord remained God. After He asked to be thrown into the waters the Lord asked a whale to swallow him and keep him alive. That’s the faithfulness of the Lord. He could have left him there to die considering he cause that for Himself, yet the Lord intervened. 

That God is still the same today. His faithfulness is beyond you. So if you find yourself in a mess of a situation that you may have caused for yourself, do not hesitate to call on the Lord and He will answer you in His faithfulness. As He did it then He will do now even for you. So call out to Him and allow Him to be God. 

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