March 3

Galatians 6:7“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”

One thing that will really benefit us in this life is the act of being very honest with one’s self. Often times we deceive ourselves far more than anyone else is able to deceive us. For many of us our mouths claim that we want one thing while our actions scream differently. We have allowed deception to take over us in many areas of our lives, and in so doing we live under  it’s rule. 

In an instance where we speak about our desire to know the Lord or to build a deeper and a stronger relationship with Him, what should our action convey?  Our actions should show us getting into our word, spending quality in His presence, spending time in worship and much more. However that is not always what our hearts and action show. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we will always reap what we sow. God is not a child that we can deceive or an infant that we can hide things from. He is omniscient and we must acknowledge that. We must realize that in this Kingdom we will reap the very works well put in. Be mindful of what you plant and how much you plant, so when harvest time comes you don’t find yourself wanting. We must ask ourselves where we have been planted and identify the works that we are actually doing. The Lord is good, loving, and Kind but with all of those traits He is also just. Plant good seeds that you may reap a good harvest. Be mindful not to mock the Lord, for He cannot be mocked. Seek out the path He has paved for you and take that path. 

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