March 31

Jude 1:22
And you must show mercy to those whose faith is wavering. 

Being merciful is one characteristics that our Father in heaven excels in, and as Christians it is something we also must practice. The waves of this life can be very strong and at times it is able to move even the strongest individuals. As Christians one thing that we both excel and fail at is showing mercy. There are instances where we’re able to look at others and feel for them. Yet still there are other times that mercy is needed yet we fail to give it. 

As believers we must realize that without the grace of the Most High everyone is prone to wavering. It is literally God that keeps us together. We must be filled with love so that we’re able to show mercy and grace to those who need it. As believers we should not be the group of individuals that discourage others and look down upon them. Let us be a people who show mercy and reach out a helping hand when others need it. In the manner that God shows us unwavering mercy let us do the same for others. Do not think yourself better that anyone rather realize that it is the same mercy that carries us all. If there be anyone in your life who maybe falling, look to help and help them, just as you would like it to be done unto you. Be the representation of Christ that the world needs to see. Do not be prideful rather be merciful. Let the world around you see that there is a savior and He still reigns supreme. Let your actions speak of His greatness. 

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