October 24

John 3:30 “He must become greater; I must become less.”

This serves as a reminder to let God be the Lord of your life. A reminder to give Him power over every area of your life. The more you yield to Him the better life becomes. The more you yield to Him the greater your chances are at life. Becoming less in your own life and allowing God to become greater as one of the best things you could ever do. Imagine how great your life will be if you gave everything over to God? Imagine what you can accomplish if you surrender all to God and walked in the paths He has laid out for you? If you allowed Him to be King and you the son and daughter you are meant to be. Imagine if He was the decision maker of your life.  We would not run into unnecessary troubles because when He is in control all things are well, even when they aren’t.

Our lives are not our own and we cannot take it into our own hands. You have a creator and that creator ought to be the decision maker. He knows the ins and outs of life and He sees far beyond what you can’t ever see. Give everything over to him because He knows it all. We must allow God to increase and become greater in every area of our lives as we decrease. He knows what’s best for us and wants all the best things in life for us. Do not take the position He holds in your life. Do not allow anyone to hold that position which belongs to God. Remember however that letting God be God in your life doesn’t mean you sit and do nothing, because you have a responsibility to accomplish, it just means you must allow Him to reign in every aspect even in He areas you don’t think you might need Him.

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