November 26

James 4:17

Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.

By the divine grace of God, we all know what is right and what is not. We know what pleases God and what doesn’t. We know that which is sin and that which isn’t. God in His infinite mercy has given us the gift and will to make decisions on our own. However, with this privilege comes great responsibility. For we must always choose what is right in the equation. We must always make decisions that will reflect the God we serve.

Knowing what to do and choosing to the complete opposite is unacceptable because we deliberately make the decision to choose sin. We do not have any excuse in our decision making because we know our right from our wrong. Yes God has given us the power to choose but that doesn’t mean we ought to sin deliberately simply because we have the choice.

Often times we make decisions based on what is beneficial. We choose A or B based on what it can bring to us. We don’t necessarily make our decisions by looking to God and seeing what represents Him and what doesn’t. We can not always look at how we can benefit. We must also look at who we are showing God to be because the reality is some people only have us as a representation of Christ and what we show them will make a difference in their perspective.

Lastly, do not think only of yourselves when making decisions. Think of those around you, your loved ones and weigh the effect your decisions will have on them both in the long and short run. Be thoughtful in your decision making and remember that is in indeed a sin to know what to do yet choose not to do it.

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