July 17

Genesis 32:18

“then you are to say, ‘They belong to your servant Jacob. They are a gift sent to my lord Esau, and he is coming behind us.’ ”

How many of you if presented with a situation where you have to lay down your pride and take the position of a lowly person for the sake of your life will take that position? Most of the people, if presented with pride and humility, will choose pride. This choice is because most people are so concerned with their rights and standing up for themselves. In this scripture, Jacob is a man of his own, having all of his possessions, still, humbled himself before his brother. Although it was out of fear, he put himself in a place where pride didn’t have a say in his decision. The outcome of this story would have been different if he approached his brother in a senseless manner. 

Humility does not equate weakness. Most often, as Christians, we feel that if we humble ourselves, people will take us for a fool. So rather than being humble, we do all we can to prove ourselves right. However, being right means nothing if it takes away from your character and the character of Christ. As children of God, there’s an expectation on our lives. Whether spoken or unspoken people look up to us. They look to see the decisions we make when we have different situations in life. Humility can go a long way. Do not worry about being right or appearing strong focus on being Christlike and makes sensible decisions when faced with different situations.

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