August 5

Isaiah 40:29

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

You cannot do this life alone. No matter how strong you may think you are. You need help in this journey called life, and a lot of it for that matter. There are many individuals who can and will render you help but there’s only one source of help that is essential and must remain prevalent among all else. 

You can look from the East to the west, and you can draw strength from family, friends, and loved ones however if the source of your strength is not coming from God then no matter how much strength you draw you will always run dry. The strength that never fails is that of the father. He gives great strength that no one can imitate. His strength is able to carry you through every season of life. Even in your weakness if you are drawing from the ultimate source which is God then you will be in good hands. The truth is no matter where you are in life you are going to need strength. The most important thing however is where that strength comes. If you’re drawing from any other well then you’re wasting your time because you will come up dry. Strength is essential for this journey so be mindful of your source because that alone can make you or break you.  


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