He Takes Pleasure

October 11

Proverbs 16:7

“When the Lord takes pleasure in anyone’s way, he causes their enemies to make peace with them.”

Ask yourself this question. Do I please the Lord with the actions I take and the decisions I make? Do I represent Him in my speech and do I bring honor to Him through the character I project? Yes the Lord can and does take pleasure in our ways. The question becomes, are our ways pleasurable to the Lord. Are our ways worth Him take by pleasure in.

Now as the Lord takes pleasure in our ways let us live a life worthy of His pleasure. He cannot take pleasure in our ways when we are involved in fornication, or lies or even envy and slander. We, therefore, have to watch the paths we take. Making sure our ways are pleasing to Him as well as different from that of the world. Yes God is good, but our focus ought to be on Him because it is when we focus on Him that our paths become straight.

Secondly let not your focus be on your enemy. Don’t spend so much time trying to get back at them or even show out on their behalf. When you focus on God and the things that concern Him, His blessing upon you will be so great that even your enemies will call you blessed. So rather than being spiteful towards your enemies spend time praying for them. Spend time working on yourself making sure that your ways are pleasing to the Lord and He is capable of doing the rest.

Live a lifestyle that will bring joy to the Lord for taking pleasure in you.

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