September 12

Isaiah 40:29

He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. (NLT) ( Isaiah 40:29 ) 

Even in your weakness you still have power because you are a child of God and by virtue of that He gives you all that you need. He gives you what you need in every moment of your life. In that moment where  the storms are overwhelming you, you have the power to withstand it. During the times where your classes are defeating you, you can come out victorious. In the seasons where your family ties seems to be shaken you can still thrive. He gives you power in your weakness. 

All strength comes from God. Are you facing something that is draining you? Is there an issue at hand that has you powerless? What ever your case maybe trust that the Lord will enable you to overcome. He will lead you and grant you the ability to fight. Confess your weakness to God and allow Him to enable you. You need Him in order to prevail, so trust Him. 

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