For One Another

May 1

Psalm 69:20

“Their insults have broken my heart, and I am in despair. If only one person would show some pity; if only one would turn and comfort me.”

Have you ever imagined how peaceful our world would be if we were all a bit more selfless? We all have our issues to deal with, and there are so many things that come our way daily, but we would all be better if we took some time out of our precious lives to check on one another. If we seek out each other, we will find out those among us that are hurting, those that need financial assistance and those who need someone to hug them. Indeed, we are all busy, and we all have problems of our own, but let us take up the mantle of responsibility of one another.  Imagine your neighbor whom you go to work with every morning, have lunch with every afternoon, and part ways with every night is dying of an ailment. It is a painful site, because of your lack of care for one another, you know nothing. We must do well in knowing our surroundings and the needs of those who surround us. 

We must show compassion and mercy to those who deserve it and to those whom we feel do not deserve it. Just as our father in heaven shows us His mercy irrespective of anything, so we should show the same compassion. Be conscious of your surroundings look for those who need help and render your assistance. We are our brother’s keeper, so let us act like it, and let us do so with the joy. 

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