Let Him Fight For You

April 30

Exodus 15:3

“The LORD is a warrior; Yahweh is his name!”

Imagine having a warrior by your side. Someone who can fight all your battles for you. One who can protect you and preserve you. That is the gift we have as Christians. We have a King and a savior who is also a mighty warrior and a redeemer. He keeps us in our ways and protects us from the fowler’s snare. God is always ready to stand up for His children and defend them with everything. The difference between God and us is that God knows when and how to fight. We on the other hand sometimes fight unnecessarily, or at inappropriate times. 

We ought to know who is on our side. God is of the greatest of all, and with Him, on our team, we have nothing to worry about if we always allow Him to lead. Problems however arise when we try to take the matters into our own hands and fight for ourselves. God fights for us all, but if you know how to fight your battles and how to protect yourself, then you do not need His help. So, whatever you may be struggling with, bring it before the Lord and allow Him to fight for you. After all, if He does the fighting, every storm will be calm, and every victory won. 

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