January 3

Galatians 5:16

“So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”

God has given us His Spirit to guide, lead and direct us in all our paths. Holy Spirit however isn’t something we casually acknowledge here and there. He is the third person of the Trinity and the one whom the Lord has given unto us. The Holy Spirit is there for us. He is there to lead us teach us and guide us and keep us on the path that is holy and pleasing to the Lord. Though he is there for all of these he is not one to force. He is ever ready to do all that the Lord wants him to do in our lives but whether he does it or not dependents on us. We choose to either let him take the lead or the backseat. The role that He plays in our lives is ultimately our decision. However, out of all the options we have only one of them is the right one, and that is the choice to live by the Holy Spirit. 

If you allow the Holy Spirit the opportunity to play the role He needs to play in your life you will begin to see a drastic difference in your life. He is not there to tell things to make feel good about yourself  but rather to lead you to all truth. It is important also not to get your own feelings and desires mixed in with what the Spirit is saying unto you. Do not rely on your emotions seek to move with Holy Spirit and what He asks of you. Be open to the Holy Spirit. Obey His words and every prompting He gives you. Live by Him and you will fulfill all the desires of the Spirit and not that of the flesh. 

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