April 28

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we live by believing and not by seeing. 

If we are to live by sight we will always be disappointed. We will always run into disappointment because we do not and will not always see what we hope to see. There are times that we hope for one thing and see something completely different. There are times that the world shows us one thing but when when the veil is removed we see the complete opposite of what we expect. It all comes down to this, living by sight makes living more difficult than it needs to be at times.

In our walk as Christians we ought to live and walk by faith. In many instances this will mean doing that thing that seems senseless or taking that jump that seems foolish in the sight of man. Other times it will mean believing and trusting the Lord when all else tells you opposite. If we focus our lives and our decisions on the physical elements we see or the elements that seems to make logical sense we will miss out on our blessings in more ways than one. Life is not about what you can see and prove it is about what He says and does. You don’t have to see everything physically because He sees all things even that which is within your future and He is leading you. Follow Him and trust Him to take you through and through. There is much reward when you trust the Lord. 

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